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dimanche 27 juillet 2014 à 10h30


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A "Cafe Citoyen" at the Cafe Plum

What is a Cafe Citoyen ?

The purpose of the Cafe Citoyen is to create a friendly and convivial meeting space where people have the opportunity to practice the art of democracy. Over two hours, citizens are invited to debate and discuss a topic they have previously chosen together. Participants are encouraged to listen to the opinions of others, and to express their thoughts and ideas on the topic in a respectful manner. This should allow us to reflect on these issues together.

The debates are governed by the charter of the "Nouvelle Arcadie", federation of the Cafes Citoyens, which is outlined below:

- Any opinion contributing to the debate can be freely expressed after requesting to speak.

- However, purely partisan interventions or doctrinal controversies are contrary to the spirit of the Charter.

- Nouvelle Arcadie and Café Citoyen should not serve any ideology or political action and shall remain a neutral space of reflection and debate.

The latter encourages expression while preventing the promotion of partisan ideas. To discuss social problems and propose solutions to them, and to not refrain from dreaming of tomorrow's society: that is the Charter's guarantee.

Each session lasts two hours and begins with a presentation of the rules and the introduction of the topic. Following the debate, participants suggest a list of possible discussion topics for the next session. After democratically voting for a topic, the scope is then defined for the next meeting.

Why should I go there ?

Democracy is not just about its elective dimension! The essence of democracy requires all citizens to participate. Café Citoyen is also a school of democracy, in which we learn to:

- Express our thoughts more clearly,

- Forge a personal opinion,

- Familiarize yourself with debates on any kind of topics,

- Listen and hear other citizens arguments

- Appreciate caring contradictions, and thus innovation,

- Propose solutions to the debated issues,

- Make collective choices by suggesting and voting themes in every Café Citoyen.

When ?

Convinced that you will share Thomas More's vision with us « Citizens are, for the Republic, the most valuable asset », we should create a space to meet and build the future of the city.

For the team of the Cafe Citoyen in Tarn

Sharelle Govignon-Sweet

Animator of the english Cafe Citoyen

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